Stay Tuned..I’m coming back!

Good morning fellow foodies!

It has been a year since I have debuted my blog, and I think it is time I come back to it. After my first post last year, I realized how much work had to go into a quality post, and truth be told..I gave up on it.

I tried to open up all my social media channels at one time, too fast and got overwhelmed. Between life and work, I didn’t feel like the new posts I had drafted compared to the first, so I stuck with what I knew, and I curated content on Instagram and Twitter.

But, I’m ready to come back! I want to share all my food adventures and experiences with all of you and there is so much I have to say. I’m going to be changing up the format of the posts, and I think you will be just as excited as I am on what I will be sharing. It’s less words, more pictures, and only what you’re really dying to know. Was it good? Was it worth it? Would I go back?

Stay tuned! The comeback is underway…..I look forward to hearing from all of you in the coming new year.




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