About Me


Welcome to my food blog! My name is Olivia and I’ve always been an avid foodie. What’s the point of eating something that doesn’t make you feel good? Also, that’s just a waste of calories. Everything you put in your body should make you happy! I truly believe that food is made to not only help us survive, but to make us thrive.

My background is a little odd, but I’m blessed for it because without it I would not have been exposed to different cultures and tastes that make me the foodie I am today. I was born in Holland and raised in the US all coming from a Chinese origin. That all just means I love Asian food AND cheese at the same time. Who knew that was a thing?

If I could eat for living, I would but for now, I have a full time job working at an advertising agency as an account manager.

For updates on food, food, and food, which I don’t blame you since those are the best parts of the day, follow @EatForFeels on Instagram and Twitter.

Also, you can follow me on my personal Instagram and Twitter: @Yangdelalivie




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